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based on the tragedies of a young black girl's childhood that takes you on a serious "emotional rollercoaster ride" filled with ups and downs  along her journey to achieving the self-worth that was stripped away from her.

Each page will have you on the edge of your seat and waiting nervously to see what happens next.  My story is one that will definitely keep you engaged to where you will not be able to put it down once you get started reading it.  You will share tears with me one second and then the next moment "stomach aching" laughter with me. 

My story  turns you from "the reader," into my  very own personal confidant, friend and family!  It invites you into my life, my family, my heart and deep into my soul!

What is most important, my purpose is to allow my story to reach out in each and every way possible to reach out to others in helping me to help children all over the world who have been through horrific things such as I and . . .HELP THEM 1-800-HRT-NO MORE!!

Author Lea` Marie deserves to be recognized for her courage of revisiting the memories of the past. Countless restless nights, turned a traumatizing story into an amazing growth just like the title “A Black Butterfly”.

Heather Henry, Owner - Entity Entertainment


I just got chills!  Author Lea` Marie book’s helpful message will prove to be contagious!.

Sarah Quest Webb -


Queens Book Collection

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